Custom Velcro Patches By Houston Embroidery Service

Velcro patches are the easy to attach kind of patches. Detaching and attaching Velcro patches is easy. Velcro patches consist of mainly two parts, one the loop strip and the other hook strip. The loop strip consists of a tiny loop attached on it while the hook strip consists of J-hooks to hold the patch with the loop strip. A loop strip can be either sewn on the fabric or iron-on the cloth. The iron-on Velcro is the quickest to attach to a piece of cloth. Attaching a loop is a one-time task, once a loop is attached to the cloth you can easily switch patches using the J-hook on each one of them.

Why Houston embroidery service?

Houston embroidery service is well known for the quality of product provided and the three working days quick delivery. They use the best quality material, the base fabric and the thread, to make the patches. To maintain their low prices, they use the best Japanese technology to make patches with minimum production cost. They use the Japanese Barudan embroidery machine that is known for its capturing of every minute detail, capacity to produce large orders with efficiency to keep the costs low and consistency in production.

You can also get you Velcro patches customised by the team. The designs of the patches are made using the computerized technique of making a virtual design. Once a virtual design is ready, they would send you the design for your approval. Once you approve the design, the payment for the order would be made in advance. Soon after the payment is received a sample patch is prepared with the virtual design for you to approve for the bulk order, once approved, they deliver the order of your custom Velcro patches within three working days.